The Arts Festival at St Michael's is being built around the four-fold ambition of entertaining, enriching, building and informing Londoners through the Arts, especially people local to Stockwell, SW9.

We’re hoping there’s much on offer to appeal to a range of ages & tastes…

This Festival is in aid of The Friends of St Michael’s, a charity set up to ensure the welfare of the fabric of this beautiful Grade II listed building and enable it to be used more widely by the community in which it stands.  The church interior remains largely unchanged since it was built in 1841.  More information on the church and photographs can be found on http://www.standrewandstmichael.org.uk/our-churches/st-michael.php

We hope you have a wonderful time at the Festival, and do some serious ‘turner-upper-ing’ to a number of the events planned: do try something perhaps a bit beyond your normal, cultural comfort zone - and do spread the word! We love St Michael’s and want the church and the Arts Festival to continue to be, and develop as, a place for artists and performers to share their skills. Hopefully, coming along to these events will also be a chance to savour some excellent culture and get to know these wonderful works for the first time or just better. Enjoy!

Justin Harmer, Artistic Director